Inspire To Move

Yoga - Ti Chi - Qi Gong - Dance

Moving our bodies feels so good! Get up Shake, Wiggle and Dance your way to joy!! In the Movement Channel you will find a verity of ways to move. Don't limit your self to what your comfortable with, expand and try new ways to build new skills for your personal daily practice.

Lets Strive to Thrive

Sacred Gardening - Green Building - Earth Centered Courses

Who feels that burning deep down inside, that knows we can do more to support ourselves and out future? We have been taught t away of life that disconnected from nature. We are not guided to work with mother earth to thrive. So many of our needs can be met through working with mother earth. The Sustainable Living Channel offers classes, community and ideas of ways you can make little changes and save so much in your daily life. Little Shifts Create Big Ripples.

Paradigm Shift

Courses & Services of Families, Relating & Homeschooling

The Family & Relationship Channel supports all types of relationships starting with your relationship to the self. You will find courses and serveries designed for all types of families and dedicated teachers to mentor you through homeschooling. For those becoming parents you will want to visit our mindful birthing courses.

Expand Your Reach

Advance Your Practice and Deepen Your Skills

The Certificate Training channel is dedicated to your evolution as a teacher. When you feel called to study deeper into a passion, this calling is a gift for you to be able to offer humanity. By investing in yourself you invest in the long term betterment of the plaint, plus you expand your way support yourself. A few of training's you can find in this channel are Yoga training's, Energy training's and ministry training to build your own non-profit.

Love Your Food

Cooking - Herbs - Nutrition

Oh Boy, are you ready to full In Love with Food? This Channel is filled with Yummy ways to Love your body and connect with your food. Meet vegan chefs, nutritionist, herbalists and so many more Plant educators. Enjoy all types of classes,courses and on demand education all based on the beautiful gift provided to us from nature.

Dive Deep

Mindful Course - Frequency Healing- Energy Work - Breath Practices

Go within and explore the many types of healing modalities this channel has to offer. Learn and expand your skills for your ever evolving journey. Meet instructors that are dedicated to their practice and who can proved you with a space to optimize your daily practice.

Souls Creation is Art

Find one of Kind Art Work in the shop - Interactive Live Art Classes - Creative Healing Courses-Sound Healing

We are all creative when we take the time to play. In the Visionary Art & Music Channel you will find new ways to creatively experts yourself. Connect with the healing sound of crystal bowls, didgeridoo, sound frequency and much more!! Check out the interactive live art classes and visit the shop to find one of kind soul art. Also, don't miss out on our fun weekly Auctions.

Join the INner BLISS Team

Calling Yogis, Light Workers, Artists, Mindful Instructors, Sound Healers and whoever shares the vision of a sustainable Earth.

Come build with us while building your passion! This site funds the New Earth Project. Funds will go towards mindful gatherings, festivals, sustainability planning and eventually sustainable living community build outs. Our biggest intention is to help visionaries find their voice. Click the button to get started offering your passion.