Air Membership Benefits

Share Your Message

  • No Cost

    Only for Those Who Are Offering Free Content

  • Online Space

    Personal Landing Page tailored to you. Just send us your information through "Lesson #3 Landing Page" we handle the rest.

  • Build Your Network

    Create a Video Library for Your Viewers - Ad Free

Air Membership Setup

Air membership is great for those looking to just share their content at no cost to others.

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    • Share Your Message

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    Getting Started

    • Registartion

    • Agreement

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    Landing Pages

    • Standard vs. Upgraded Landing Page

    • Standard Landing Page Form

    • Upgraded Landing Page Form

  • 4

    How to Build Your Course

    • Design Your Course

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    Shop Registration

    • Register Your Shop Product

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    Live Events

    • Register Live Event

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    • Upgrade for more exposure