Ether Membership Benefits

Accelerate Your Community Base

  • Keep All Your Profits

    $49.99 per month. Keep 100% of your profits from ALL courses, classes and shop.

  • Marketing Perks

    One short marketing video. You send the Info & we build It. One free home page ad per month. Course marketing on our social media 4 times per month.

  • Hassle-Free Setup

    Upgraded Personal & Course Landing Pages: Create more bonus information & demo videos to add value for your clients. Sky's the limit!! Just send us your information through " Lesson #3 Landing Page." We handle the rest.

Ether Membership Setup

The Ether membership option works best if you have a large client base and you want to keep 100% of your profits!!

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    • Ether Membership Benefits

  • 2

    Getting Started

    • Registration

    • Agreement

  • 3

    Landing Pages

    • Landing Page Video/Information

    • Standard Landing Page Form

    • Upgraded Landing Page Form

  • 4

    How to Build Your Course

    • Design Your Course

  • 5

    Shop Registration

    • Register Your Shop Product

  • 6

    Live Events

    • Register Live Event

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    • Upgrade for more exposure

Why pay monthly?

We keep your pages updated and fresh. When you have new information, pictures, or videos to add or change, simply send it in and we take care of the rest! Plus, you are supporting the Sanctuary mission of thriving together. You can learn more about this mission by visiting The New Earth Harmony page.