Do you feel a deep calling for more?

The New Earth Harmony Project was birthed at an auspicious time in history, recreating and harmonizing a reality based in love. Let's come together as ONE people to create anew, both on land and online.

We actively participate in an abundant shared model, ONE that is meant to support and sustain a thriving reality for ALL. Each divine BEing brings forth their divine gift(s) with the intention of uplifting and enhancing the collective experience. The New Earth Harmony project connects us with existing and new sustainable living communities as well as valuable tools to embody an abundant reality. Additionally, NEHP gives you on- demand instruction about elite light code transmissions and harmonizing frequencies. You can also enjoy eye-opening retreats. We share resources, we educate, we value ONE another, we co-create, and we harness the love frequency. Now, we will join together and walk fearlessly in OUR magical expansion.

Sustainable Living

Daily Care, Zero Waste Living, Minimalist Lifestyle

Discover tips and tools for living your best life in harmony with our planet.

Green Building

Living in Harmony with Earth.

Deepen your understanding of sustainable building materials, alternative energy sources and tiny home living.